Heavenly eggs (no devils here!)

deviled eggs2

I like deviled eggs … everyone likes deviled eggs!  They’re fun to make, they’re fun to eat. They’re fun to arrange on a platter and to garnish whimsically.  They are just the right size and they are even good for you!  These days, I am not so sure about the mayo.  Even really good mayo is not something I want to eat on a regular basis.  There are always additives and I am becoming very picky about the oils that I eat.

So I came up with an alternative that I like, that is just as much fun and that avoids the whole mayo issue.  Try it and see what you think.


Cut in half and pop the yolks into a small bowl …

6 hard boiled eggs – peeled, rinsed and dried

Mash yolks with a fork until fine and then add …

1/4 c finely diced canned tomatoes

1 T mashed avocado mixed with

1 t lime juice

1 T diced basil leaves

2 pinches of salt and a dash of hot sauce

Mix well, and mound back into the half eggs.  Arrange nicely and garnish with glee (or basil or olives or scallion brushes … )

eggs on a plate

Serve to your favourite people!

Thanks to my trainer Chelsey for the tip about the avocado … if you want ideas about nutrition – talk to a power-lifter!

We’ve had a couple of busy months at Loyola House.  Now it is time to draw a deep breath and head into the Easter season.  We are expecting some personnel changes in the kitchen; both Ryan and Michele will be pursuing exciting new paths in the near future.  Both have contributed much hard work, loyalty and interesting recipes.  While they may move on, their legacies remain and we thank you both!

Enjoy the last blustering of winter and take care of each other!




6 thoughts on “Heavenly eggs (no devils here!)

  1. Alana Forrester says:

    Yummy, thanks Susan and to your trainer. A must do for Easter weekend. I’ll be at LH for Sunday Brunch with family. Be well.

  2. Serenity Weekend says:

    Please offer our best to Ryan and Michelle. We will miss them – they have looked after us so well.

  3. Julie says:

    Looks positively egg-cellent… and what a great name… love it! Can’t wait to try out on the family.

    Ditto on the best wishes to Michelle and Ryan; it will be quite a different kitchen!

  4. John Woodsey says:

    Nice photos and especially upbeat words, encouraging to cooks

  5. Sprague says:

    Wowee Susan, I’ve made a copy of this for my scrapbook, it’s so great!. Take good care of yourself. Lots of love, Mom

    016-03-01, you wrote: >susanmsprague posted: ” I like deviled eggs … >everyone likes deviled eggs! They’re fun to >make, they’re fun to eat. They’re fun to >arrange on a platter and to garnish whimsically. > They are just the right size and they are even >good for you! These days, I am not so sure ab” >

  6. Hazel Wills says:

    Hello Susan What a delicious looking picture of the eggs, today I shall try the recipe, many thanks. Spring is just about here, one day wet and very windy, the next rain, then sun, you know the sort of thing… Happy memories of Loyola House, Dixe says hello, he enjoyed Canada so much. Love, Hazelxx

    Sent from my iPad


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