September’s “Taste of Italy” Celebration.

T o I sept

On Wednesday night, Loyola House hosted 2015’s third and final “Taste of Italy” fundraising dinners.  It was a warm and heart-warming time, like having 85 of your closest friends over for supper.  In this case, we had 27 new friends as well, the Anglican Church of Canada was here for a “Stronger Together” retreat … so they joined in the festivities!

Thanks to everyone who came … and ate … and hugged and sang!  Thank you, Moses, for the ever-popular music.

I would like to make a very passionate, grateful “thank you” to our amazing volunteers … Vicki and the indefatigable Olga – who did most of the cooking, Jerome (who did most of the dishes!), Dan and my baby sisters, Chris and Julie, who showed up to help out and did all that was necessary … including some of my thinking for me!

Of course, none of this would be possible without the support of a truly astonishing staff … Michele, Ryan, Theresa and Autumn!  We fit together like cogs in a machine … complementing each other’s talents, helping each other keep spinning.  Thank you.

These dinners have gone so well and have been so much fun that we’ll probably do something similar next year, so be warned … book your tickets early!!


TOMATO FENNEL SOUP (one of our favourites!)

Sauté until soft but uncoloured….

1 c sliced onion

1 bulbs fennel – sliced thinly and attractively

1 T toasted fennel seed

2 T minced garlic

1 c sliced celery


1 large (100 oz) can of whole (organic, Canadian)  tomatoes – break them up with your hands, take out bits of skin and stem scars then strain away as many seeds as you can and add up to a can more of water

Simmer until fennel is soft. 

Adjust seasoning with

2 T rice wine vinegar or lime juice (my favourite!)

2 T maple syrup

2 T dried Tarragon

Salt, pepper, hot sauce as desired

As with most soups … this is better on the second (and third) day.


Take care of each other … ❤

T o I dessert

(just as a side note – and to exasperate my mother – in two years, both of my baby sisters will be eligible for “senior” prices in some places!   How time does run away with us!!)


2 thoughts on “September’s “Taste of Italy” Celebration.

  1. Sprague says:

    Susan, It sounds great. Hooray for you and all your cohorts, including your ‘baby sisters”.

    I’ve been advertising that I’ve made a new saying: – “You know you’re old when your baby (pause to let the image sink in) is a grandparent”. For a coffee gathering yesterday to celebrate International Seniors’ Day, I took to Seniors a photo of our family taken at Oak Bay, N.B. when Julie was 7 wks old, and one of her with Amelia & Rebecca. Didn’t ask her permission. I couldn’t attend – at the library shelving; but they are on the Seniors bulletin board now with my saying.

    Hope you’ve recovered from the Jazz Festival work. Hope your family got together to celebrate your birthday.

    Lots of love, Mom

  2. Baby Sister Julie says:

    Cogs in a well-oiled machine, might I add! I am amazed how all those folks can so easily waltz around each other in the kitchen with no accidents nor mistakes. Always fun to work in the dish pit -seriously- and then be trotted into the dining room to be applauded… for being Susan’s sister!!

    I can say from first hand experience, the food was really outstanding; good job everyone!

    (Hey, watch who you’re calling old, Older Sister.)
    (Hi Mom)

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